Caruso Harbor offers tasty Icelandic and Italian cuisine. While dining you will have a chance to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.

The restaurant is located down by Reykjavik´s old harbour, just a walking distance from the city centre.

Our building, named Sólfell, was built in Reykjavík in 1921 by Th. Thorsteinsson for the production of bacalao. Bacalao is a salted dried codfish which was a major industry in Iceland during that time. Today only two houses that had bacalao production in them are left in Reykjavík, Sólfell and the Alliance building at Ánanaust.

After the production of bacalao stopped the house was used for automobile repair and as a storage and towards the end, Strætó, the Icelandic bus company, occupied the house. The house was originally built in Kirkjusandur but when Glitnir bank was to be built there they were urged to preserve the building because of its historical value. Sólfell was moved into storage by Reykjavík city in 2007 and in 2011 the house was moved to its current spot at Ægisgarður 2.

After Sólfell was placed in its new location restoration began where the focus was on restoring its original appearance. Windows were replaced with the same style as on the originla house and the panel inside the house was repurposed. An extension was added on the north side as well.

The history of the house, the great view over the harbour, along with the interior décor and cosy atmosphere delivers an extraordinary experience for our guests.